Here's some info to help you be successful here.

How it works

So glad you want to join us and start selling some photos. We can’t wait to see you succeed! Here’s how it works. You submit photos, wait for those images to sell, then you get paid. How much? $0.75 for every time one of your photos is downloaded. Not bad, right? Do take note, though, that roughly $0.33, give or take a couple of cents, will be subtracted from that amount as a transaction fee. This fee is charged by the service providers we use to process the payments. To get started, head over to the “My Account” page and create a “vendor” account. Just remember, by submitting photos to BreakthruPix you agree to all terms, conditions, and policies on the website. Now, let’s create!

Appropriateness Policy

In order to maintain a child-friendly environment on our website, all of the images submitted to and on BreakthruPix must adhere to our appropriateness policy. No parts of the body the covered by the black box in the image on the right may be revealed in any of the images on this site. Additionally, clothes must not be tight-fitting to the extent that they clearly reveal parts of the body in this area. Also, no images may be submitted that are in any way seductive or in any other way inappropriate. The team at BreakthruPix reserves the sole right to determine if a image submitted to the website is deemed inappropriate. The team at BreakthruPix also reserves the sole right to remove any image from the BreakthruPix website at any time.

Selling Images

1) All images submitted must be priced at $1 and no discounts may be applied to any image at any time.

2) All images submitted must not be scheduled to be removed from the “shop” page where they may be purchased. 

3) No image may be set to have a certain number of “quantity,” to be “out-of-stock” or be given a restricted amount availability.

4) No image may have a restricted number of permitted downloads.

5) Do not edit the “other options” section in the seller dashboard area.

6) The team at BreakthruPix reserves the right to edit, download, share, make available on any other websute, remove from this website, and/or store for an indefinite amount of time any submission.

7) The person who uploads/submits images to this site takes full legal responsibility for the submission. We at BreakthruPix assume that each submission is legal and that the one submitting is the legal owner of the photo and has the legal rights to submit it to the website. We also assume that any legal permissions needed for the photographing of any recognizable people, animals, buildings, places, parts of nature, or any other thing have been obtained by the photographer/author of the image. By submitting images to this website, you agree to defend BreakthruPix and its creators in any legal action that may be taken against BreakthruPix and/or its creators.